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Almost Lost my Focus and Purchased a Monohull

With the Aussie $ being at an all-time low, finding the right catamaran in good condition in Europe has been a fruitless exercise. I went to see a Lagoon 440 in Spain that was advertised in Excellent condition and the broker also confirmed this was the case. Well if they had said train wreck condition, they would not have been far off. Splits in the fascias around the bulkheads and splits in cabinetry in the saloon as well as everything being worn out and tired. The engine bays and engines looked like they had never been cleaned or serviced and half the electronics did not work – If they had offered the boat to me at half price I would have still said no, that was how bad it was!

So in despair we turned our attentions to Monohulls and came across a fantastic Moody 54 in Spain again. After seriously grilling the broker and getting a massive amount of up to date photos we went and had a look at it. True to word the boat was in fantastic condition and had been lovingly cared for and for a year 2000 boat it was almost like new inside and out.

Awesome Lounge Area

We had a few reservations about the living space up top and below. It had 2 fantastic bedrooms and a massive lounge area of the like you will not get on a Cat under 60 feet, but the 3rd cabin was tiny and had two bunks in and being a family this was a concern. The other issue was the space up top, with only a small(ish) covered area and the rest being open to the sun – This is one of the reasons we love Cats being the outside covered space.

Amelie Chilling on Deck

Anyway we figured that these could be worked out to some degree and as we loved everything else about the boat we made an offer. In the offer I had taken a few things into consideration, such as some minor work that needed doing (around 15,000 Euro) and the fact that it had been on the market a couple of years – A Classic sign that it is overpriced! I also did some research into older quality luxury monohull sales and with the emergence of Catamaran popularity and the raft of new spacious and well designed (albeit not such quality) monhulls on the market, they were appearing to be increasingly more difficult to sell, especially at the price that the seller was asking for! This was a concern for me knowing that when I came to sell down the line it would be even older and more difficult to offload at a reasonable price to me.

So to cut to the chase, I put in a firm offer of 240K which was 75K Euro below his asking price of 315K, which was rejected with a counter offer of 255K, some 15K over what we had both decided was our maximum we wanted to pay for this boat, so we went back to see if they would do 240K and they would not, so that was the end of that monohull purchase adventure.

On the flip-side we kind of also felt that going with a mono was a massive compromise to what we wanted to do and the platform we wanted to be on and now feel very lucky that it was not accepted and we could have made a mistake that we would have regretted, especially as we have found the Cat of our dreams in perfect condition and we have just had an offer accepted on it pending surveys – Watch this space…………..

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  1. Wow you were lucky mono would have been a big mistake.
    It took us 3 years to find our Cat and whilst not perfect it was close and well below our budget which allowed us plenty for upgrades and repairs.

  2. Yes I think you are right, luckily it was not meant to be. Looks like we may have found a Cat, so all is good – Only problem is it’s in Australia, so a bit of a sail to the Med 🙂

  3. Hi guys, I have been reading your blogs and am curious to know weather you still have Astro-o and how you would rate the sailing qualities of a UFO 34,
    Kind Regards Brad Fehring

    1. We have recently sold Astro-0 – Put her on the market for a really sensible price and sold her within 2 days! UFO’s are great boats and sail really well – Especially to wind, which is where she seems most happiest. It depends on what you want to do though – We found for long weekends away for 2 people it was great and even did a week once which was fine, but for more people or for longer periods there are certainly more spacious 34′ boats out there, but they definitely do not sail as well – Its always a compromise with boats.

      1. Hi again, the main reason for contacting you which I totally forgot was to ask what the head room is down below in the UFO 34’s, if you don’t mind answering that it would be greatly apprediated,
        Regards Brad

        1. Head room is fine – I’m about 5’10” and plenty of room above. Doorway into bow cabin you need to duck through, but everywhere else is good. Just find one for sale and go and jump onboard and check it out for yourself.

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