Paying for the Dream


At long last and just over a year after putting it on the market our house in the hills has sold. Unfortunately the housing market in Perth is not great and is going nowhere fast, so we had to take less than we wanted and needed, but on the positive side we no longer have all the associated bills of a non rented house which was bleeding us dry and I no longer have to drive up to the hills every week to keep the grounds in shape for home opens 🙂 It has also freed up a large chunk of cash and making us mortgage free on 2 houses, so now I am actually getting some of that rent money for myself, rather that it just going to the bank and on bills.

We are now getting very close to achieving our goal and just need the Australian dollar to strengthen up, as it has dropped dramatically since we started our journey – around 30% and almost 15% of that in the last year, which is a substantial amount of $ evaporated into thin air when you are looking at buying a floating home in Euros or US$

Anyway, Onward and Upwards as they say.

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