Paying for the Dream

How to Leave the Daily Grind and afford to Sail Away Part 1

So this is a very tricky one and if you are not one of the lucky few, for most of us it’s a major issue.  Breaking away from the enslavement of the Western World’s hamster wheel and the continual cycle or work, taxes, bills & more work is not an easy thing to accomplish.  So how can it be achieved, when so many are stuck in the mire living paycheck to paycheck.

Well from a personal perspective, the first thing is state of mind, you really need to set a goal or goals, lay down the marker to work towards and never be afraid to dream, as without the dreams you have nothing to work towards and it’s what keeps you going when the times are tough.  The next step is work, work, some more work, followed by hard work and then lots more work and finished off with some really hard work, mixed in with a sprinkling of work and a tad of good fortune.

So how does this all pan out and what’s the reality of it I can hear you think…. We’ll, sometimes it’s pretty shitty and other times it’s not so bad, but as long as you keep your state of mind focused on the eventual goal it’s doable.  Which brings me onto your second question, how are we actually trying to achieve this goal?

As I write this, it’s been around 7 years since we decided to set our goal of sailing away and I am now considerably closer to achieving our dreams.  One of the first things we did was a lifestyle change, you have to break the brainwashing and move away from the mass consumer mentality which is the driving force of the Western Capitalist system.  In simple terms, if its not broken, why replace it?  Do you really need that new car, TV, lounge suite or one of the million things we are bombarded with every day by the advertising guru’s.  Make do with what you have, stop the consuming for the sake of consuming, say adios to perceived obsolescence, find something else to do to alleviate the monotony of the work cycle rather than buying shite that you don’t really need.

So once you have become the zen master of consumerism, you will find that actually you do have spare cash to squirrel away and this is the starting point.

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