Learning to Sail

Port Geographe to Mandurah


Goodbye Port Geographe

So Being proud boat owners, we needed somewhere to keep her – Fremantle Sailing Club was high on our list of possibles, soon to be shot down in Flames with ridiculously long waiting periods and exorbitant joining fees, which put us onto another path.  About an hours drive south of Fremantle is Mandurah, which were far more accommodating with their availability and pleasantly surprising with all there fees – So Mandurah it was and we have been their ever since.

The big day came to take the boat with the weather bringing a beautiful and steady 15K South Easterly to send us flying up the coast for the 70 odd miles to Mandurah, most of which was just left to Autopilot.  To arrive at Mandurah before dark, we slipped at around 4AM in pitch darkness and bless Port Geographe Marina for having absolutely ZERO Channel lights or Marks until you get to the breakwater at open ocean!  With a lookout on the bow and some very slow speeds we made it out safe and sound and proceeded north.

Having left Trevor to set up the Way points to get us home on the GPS (Yes we had paper charts as well) I discovered when the sun came up that Old Trev had made the cardinal mistake through sheer laziness of just plotting the points directly in the GPS and not the paper chart first.  Now for areas you know really well and for short passages this is generally OK, but on a 70+ mile trip it can create a few issues, especially when you choose the way points massively apart and do not zoom in to check the path – Yes Trev had us sailing over a Headland!  No drama though as this was spotted and way points changed and checked thoroughly – So much for Trevs RYA training 🙂

Anyway that aside it was a perfect days sailing averaging around 6.5Knots and arriving in Mandurah just in time for Supper and Beers – Hoorah…..

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