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UFO 34 Astro-0

So after viewing many boats of varying standards and sizes we came across a few UFO 34’s at varying price points.

The UFO34 is a fast and seaworthy cruiser/racer based on the highly successful IOR 3/4 ton Unidentified Flying Object. She was produced in large numbers in the UK (Colvic hulls, fitouts by Hazelwood, Oyster or Landamores), and a number were built in the US and in Australia (Seacraft Marine, WA) during the 1980’s.

What I loved about looking at boats was how people keep pictures from years ago and use them in their listings, with words immaculate or something along those lines…. The harsh reality was slightly different and many were simply ‘Dreamin’ in regards to the price point they were hoping to get.

So after much looking we came across one a couple of hours drive down the Coast at Port Geographe, WA.  Built in the Mid 1980’s, but with a New Yanmar engine with less than 100 hours on and all in relatively good shape, except the main sail which has a stylish yet definitive sag to it ; )

In the true tradition of an exceptionally depressed boating market we thought we would throw in a low offer on what was already one of the Cheapest UFO’s on the market, the seller looked a bit shell shocked at the price and was a little frosty, but said he would think about it and get back to us.

We were expecting a series of negotiations and to eventually settle somewhere in between, but the good old boy came back and accepted our offer without a bit of resistance – Bless him 🙂

We proceeded to get a survey done by a good friend of Trevor’s, the Broker was obviously expecting a quick in and out survey, so he could nip off home…. 12 Hours later it was done and both the broker and seller waited for the expected onslaught to lower the price further.  But with the exception of one issue all was negligible and we already had an excellent price so held back any further price attack, with the exception of getting the seller to get the Gas system certified so we could get insurance.   He appreciated this lack of screwing him down further and totally lost his frosty demeanor – It was a done deal.

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