Learning to Sail

Trailer Sailor Fun…..

After the course, Trevor invited me out on his 26′ Macgregor, in what turned out to be not the best conditions to sail such a boat in 🙂

The day started off early and in a light breeze, which by the time we had gone through the rig-moral (excuse the pun) of getting the boat in the water, it had picked up considerably.

Once in the water and running off a single 50HP outboard we had to navigate through a maze of closely dropped moorings all with boats of various shapes and sizes.

Now Macgregors are not the heaviest boats in the world – a few burly individuals could pick one up – They get some added weight in water by taking on a water ballast, but for the size of the windage this is negligible, so in a bit of a blow they are about as stable as Julia Gillard in High Heals (Aussie Prime Minister who Stacked it in India on Camera – Very Amusing), so getting out to open water was a bit hair raising to say the least and involved the impromptu use of fenders on more than one occasion.

Once clear the wind had built to about 20 knots gusting to 25 bringing us quickly to the conclusion that it was not the conditions for actually sailing, so we motored around like a speedboat for an hour or so before heading back in and struggling to get the boat back on the trailer for about half an hour.

So a planned relaxing days sailing was a bit of a nightmare, although it certainly knocked all thoughts out of my head of getting a Trailer Sailor and put the spark in our heads that we should get a proper boat and go in together on it…………

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