Learning to Sail

RYA Day Skipper Course Online Learning


A Clip from the Nav At Home Course

So before we got underway with the practical training we had an online theory course to complete.  Now 40 hours of online learning does not sound like a lot when you have a few months to complete, but man it seems to go on for ever and I recon it was closer to 50 hours.  Many evenings were spent poring over charts and tidal data to name but a couple of sections.  All in all it was very informative and gave me an excellent grounding in Navigation, ColRegs , Weather, Tides and so on – Well worth the time and $$$ 🙂  One of the things I really learnt, was how easy it is to screw things up with Navigation – Simple mistakes with times or fixes – inserting wrong data, can really mess with your results 🙁


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