The History

A Little Bit of History Part 2

So after several years in Perth and the dropping of Anchor Number 2 (Daughter #2 AKA 1st Mate) the penny dropped that my life was ticking by and I was actually achieving very little, with the exception of raising a family, which may be fine and dandy for some, but I wanted a little bit more than just the mundane 9 to 5 working for the tax man and being a slave to the system.  Lets face it, only the lucky few ever get ahead in this system, which is created to enslave the masses to provide wealth for the few, the same few which are ruling governments from behind the scenes, the banking industry and the large corporations and all it seems to further just their own egos and megalomania’s – How much money and power do you actually need?  Just enough to be happy I would have thought, but this is obviously not the case, unless they were very, very unhappy people in the first place.

Anyway, I digress –  back to the light-bulb… So mulching around ideas to be able to pack it all in and get out of the system, which I have grown to loathe, I discarded the normal Commune and get a farm and become self sufficient ideas, which all seem far too dull to me and I also still had a burning desire to see more of the world when I hit upon the idea of buying a boat and sailing away, bringing my love of travel and water into one package, Bingo as they say and that’s how it all started.

So I say to my wife, how about we sail away, sure she says, cool I say, but there’s a couple of problems she says, what are they I say, well you can’t sail and we don’t have anywhere near enough money to do it, Hmmm I say, Yep she says, Hmmm I say Again and then, well the money is a problem, that’s not the problem she says, you not sailing is the problem, that’s easy to fix I say and so is the money she says,  Hmmm, how so I say, it will just happen, have faith she says.  Hmmm I say again……

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